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Best Books of 2019

What a wild year. I discovered so many great books this year! Some of them were rather old, but some of them were brand spanking new. All of them were first reads (I could gush about some rereads too!). I had a lot of five star reads. I’ve only recently begun using star ratings on GoodReads. I wanted to see how it would work and I think I like it. Half of the fun of doing this list was going back and reading my original reviews/notes on GoodReads. So much gushing!

These books inspired me (one even gave me a huge breakthrough on my own novel!), they broadened my horizons, they made me laugh and they made me cry. I started the year saying I wanted to read more classics, and boy, I sure did. Now I think I want to dial that back a bit, but there are still several classics on my list. I’m already planning for 2020. But for now, here is (in no particular order) what rocked my world in 2019. Continue reading

Book Review: City of Saints & Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson

You may remember that February was my month of reading mysteries. This was one of my February reads, and one of the top books I have read yet this year. I gave it Five Stars on GoodReads. And then I had to calm down a bit because yeah, man, it was THAT good. And as for the publisher’s description, no, not Gone Girl. There was nothing unreliable about this narrator. Nothing at all. This was Girl with a Dragon Tattoo meets Life After Life. So many choices. So many unanswered questions. Continue reading

Here I come, ready or not!

Is there any need for another book blog? Well. Yes. After six years of running a column on as the Minneapolis Books Examiner, and several years of writing reviews and articles for other publications, I think it’s time I made my opinions truly my own. So this is my space, and welcome to it! I hope you enjoy what you read here.

I am looking forward to participating in the wider book blogging community, and in sharing my reviews with a wide audience not limited by someone else’s SEO. This blog will focus a little bit on those with Minnesota connections, but I aim to range farther than that, and hope to be able to look at whatever strikes my fancy.

I will also be participating in several challenges, including my fifth or sixth year of the GoodReads Reading Challenge. Will I make it this year? I don’t know! I only set my Challenge at 75 books. Last year I did 100. But this year I was sick a lot. I need about 12 more. Wish me luck!

I’m already following and talking to many very awesome bloggers on Twitter and Instagram, so I will be looking for other challenges as well, like ReadWriteLove’s Tamora Pierce challenge. How is it that I had never heard of this author? I have the first book, recommended to me by Nori, right here.

And with that, I want to thank all the friends who helped me get this started. Nori, with her wonderful Basics of Blogging series, that lead me to Nose Graze, and her great tips (along with many other helpful links!). And the whole crew of the Night Owl Chat, who all egged me on! I cannot wait to be able to take part in all the craziness full on. Along with Nori, Brittany, Melanie, Bex, Tika, Jade, Emily, Kelly, Blessie and Isha, you guys are the greatest!

My next post will be my Best of 2015 post. You can expect an occasional Freakin’ Friday post, where I share cool things I’ve found (check here for instance), and I hope to take part in some of the memes like TTT and Waiting Wednesdays. I will also be occasionally doing Way Back Wednesday, to share some of the books I didn’t get to over the past couple years. And I may throw in a classic or two. But for the most part, if you like fantasy or magical realism, historical fiction or books with a regional appeal, or good nonfiction, I hope to find something to share with you that will make you smile or make you think.

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